[ENG] NTS-The village of the well

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[ENG] NTS-The village of the well

Post by Satori » Wed May 09, 2018 10:59 am

The village of the well
A village has turned out to be destroyed by a strange illness, between its inhabitants, some of them fall ill, others mysteriously disappear and others are victims of the madness: will it be a cause of the energy Yurei or of another thing?

Necessary Esceneografia: 3 wells in half of the board along with scoreboards of sacred relics. , 2 villagers' houses or similar.

Mission: The mission consists of dominating and interacting the wells, with a successful order to Interact nothing happens, if flaws there will appear a kubikajiri that it was attacking to the miniature that to trumped the checkup or offering a sacred relic you prevent the kubikajiri from attacking you.

If you dominate 2 wells and offer sacred relics the kubikajiri will join your edict and during 1 round it will attack 1d10 random direction to the most nearby enemy. A well that to been offered by sacred relics allows any miniature to be of an edict or other to be able with a successful order to interact to 6 + that the kubikajiri one to its edict during 1 round.

Main mission:
- 3 points If you dominate 2 wells and ace summoned for the kubikajiri for your favor more times than the enemy
- 2 points if you control more wells than the rival.
- 1 Point for miniature that has finished out of combat thanks to the kubikajiri under your control.

Secondary mission:
- 2 points for invoking at least once the kubikajiri

I hope your understund this text is a translate for PONS
I think this scneary is good for Kensei and Torii
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Re: NTS-The village of the well

Post by ajmendoza » Wed May 09, 2018 11:22 am

Thanks Satori! looks really fun!

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